Justin B. Hinkle

Legal Assistant/Office Mgr.

Born in the Ozarks, I was raised in the Colorado Rockies. When the constant sunshine became too oppressive about 22 years ago I moved to Seattle for the weather, with which I’ve been very happy.

Before moving to Seattle, I had a career in the grocery industry. After moving here I became involved in the mortgage industry. I worked in the servicing side, then I worked in loan origination, and finally in the escrow industry, which is heavy on legal documents and was a natural transition into the legal field.

I began working for MSO Law in 2007. I have found the variety of responsibilities and the constant opportunity to learn something new to be very rewarding.

When I’m not working or slaying myself with my own wit, I spend much of my time reading, baking, and watching very bad television; although I’m always up for live performance of almost any kind, particularly theater.

4011 Wallingford Avenue N. | Seattle, WA 98103 | 206.285.4130